There is a never ending
feed of social content
and brands need help
standing out.

The problem is that people use social networks
because they want to connect with people—not
brands. The future will belong to brands that
cultivate, mobilize and recognize the power of
digital creators. 

Creator Economy Advertising Trends

Recommendations from personal acquaintances or opinions posted by consumers online are the most trusted forms of advertising.

81% of US consumers are influenced by friend’s social media posts – what is known as ‘Word of Mouth’ marketing.

Marketing-inspired word-of-mouth generates more than 2 times the sales of paid advertising.

CSR media group works with your brand to develop a well-coordinated team of creators that develop campaigns, grow audiences and boost engagement, refer leads, drive sales and influence consumer behaviour. According to Nielsen, peer recommendation has the most influence over brand purchases, and CSR media group is here to help create that peer recommendation for you!


“By living their lives online, digital creators give followers and fansa level of access that many in the mainstream aspire to. By gathering sizeable audiences, digital creators have changed what it means to be famous.”


Digital creators connect with their fans in ways that Hollywood celebrities can’t. Mainstream celebrities are often perceived as corporate entities which disconnects them from their followers and limits the effectiveness of their endorsements.

The nature of influence on social media is different. Creators are constantly in touch with their audience and build authentic relationships with followers. The end result of a creator campaign is a trusted endorsement to a deeply connected and receptive user base.

Audience Size vs. Influence

“Without the ability to affect the waya network thinks and how they act,an ‘influencer’ isn’t really influencing anyone.”

We understand the difference between audience size and actual influence. We have developed personal relationships with creators who have earned the trust and respect of their audiences. We align ourselves with the right creators who not only have large follower bases, but who demonstrate consistently high levels of engagement from those followers.



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